A snapshot of my Christmas 2018

On Christmas Day my family eat our Roast Turkey (and half of Waitrose) Dinner in the evening and we dress up in black tie to make it extra special. This photo was taken using my tripod and remote control and each person is trying their hardest to keep a straight face.

My thoughts

Christmas is special for many reasons. One thing I love is personal family traditions. For a long time I used to get anxious around Christmas and my Birthday. I felt everything had to be ‘Perfect’ or else the day was a disaster. One of the best things I’ve come to accept over the last couple of years is that there is no perfect; things happen as they happen, and it’s much better to focus on enjoying the now than working towards a fictional perfection. (which is not real outside the realms of Disney films anyway). It may sound pessimistic but it actually encourages me to relax, be cheerful and appreciate each situation for what it is. And not worry about what it ‘Should’ be. Learning this and putting it into practice daily has changed my life. It helps me feel happier each and every day. 

Our very human strive for Perfection is promoted throughout society. In the media as well as by shops who rely on their consumers. We are taught to buy things, have stuff and live a certain way in order to be happy. The problem with this theory is there is no neon lit up point of happiness that you achieve and then sit back and relax in. Happiness is a journey, a way of living that makes the everyday moments good and often better than the big organised ones. 

Getting our Christmas on… 

First thing is remembering to buy an advent candle before the start of December.

I find Christmas is the time when pressure and expectation rise in a tidal wave around us. This year, in my family, we agreed to try to avoid the horrid panicky feeling of stress that arrives with the December festivities. We agreed that we wanted present giving to be enjoyable and not a struggle. E.g. We didn’t prepare stockings for each other because we were all coming away from busy work periods and in need of a rest. Not chaotic last minute shopping trips!

Our village wreath making workshop – places are highly sort after

When my siblings and I were children, my parents provided the most wonderful Christmases imaginable and year after year we made amazing memories and had lovely presents under the tree. Now Ben, Elisabeth, Antonia and I are adults, we know how much work is involved in doing Christmas for a family of six. Food, wine, decorations and presents is a lot of work so we all pitch in and help share the preparations.

I liked our tree very much

I live at home with my parents so decorating the house falls largely to me. My elder sister Elisabeth has the most beautiful style of anyone I’ve ever met. Her present wrapping ability is legendary and sometimes I feel my creative skills are really inadequate by comparison. I normally help choose the Christmas tree and bring it home before Elisabeth works her magic, transforming it with lights and decorations into a festive delight. This year, it was my turn to decorate. (After a false start and a quick turnaround to chainsaw off the bottom branches before putting it up again). I was extremely proud of our tree. She was a good un. 

Christmas Eve – last minute wrapping 
Elisabeth is organising the presents under the tree in a way only she can
For wrapping this year I went with brown paper and yellow and blue ribbon. I have to say the result was really pretty (and recyclable)

I hope everyone has enjoyed a lovely Christmas

Lunch was smoked salmon and champaign and I love how Elisabeth’s skirt compliments the bright orange fish.
Oscar’s favourite part of Christmas – unwrapping all the presents (not just his own) and tearing up all the paper so the Sitting Room floor is covered in slobbery wet shavings.
For Christmas Kiwi got a suede. He chewed at it with his breakfast and I thought good, he’ll enjoy that for a while. I took this photo when I fed him dinner at about 3pm. I finished clearing the field and said goodnight and by then there was no evidence of the suede at all.
He ate the whole thing on Christmas Day. 

Whatever your holiday involves, I hope you’ve enjoyed it. For me this year it’s been eating delicious food, lots of chocolate and 65% sherry filled trifle. Laughing uncontrollably during a game of Balderdash. And being extra silly as a full family of 6 together with a very happy labrador.

Behind the smiles, two very hungry people want Christmas Dinner
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