Pentax Film Photos developed September 2022

These are my favourites from my recent film development. I send all my films to Photo Hippo in Burnley. They’re a small, professional set up and I send the films and opt for the negatives to be developed and a download link of my pictures. Photo Hippo turn them around really quickly and they will also push or pull the film or work with interesting formats like lomography and 120 film rolls. I highly recommend these guys;

These photos are from two rolls I had developed in September 2022. One is a regular Fujicolour C200 35mm and the other one I cannot remember.

I love these Cherry Trees. Each year they blossom and smell delicious
Kiwi chilling with the sun on his back. He doesn’t often stand so square. He looked very organised like a show pony.
Cherry Blossom up close. I think it’s an ornamental Cherry.
This ewe is also very good at allowing visitors to see her lambs.
She’s a brilliant Mum and allows them to be curious while still being watchful.
I like the vivid colours of this film, but still subtle enough to catch a light blue sky against Kiwi’s fluffy coat.
On the way back from a walk in the woods, I turned to see him coming up the path behind me. He’s slowed down quite a bit now so the homeward journey is always at his pace.

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