It’s November 2019

My favourite tree, a Japanese Maple, it looks fantastic at this time of year.

Hello. I’m that person with a blog who hasn’t written anything for almost a year. On the bright side, it’s still 2019 (just about). I’ve been thinking about writing, a lot, but then I try to organise myself and somehow loos the ability to make decisions. I’m going to try keeping my posts brief and casual, and hopefully fight perfectionist defeatism! 

I often worry that what I want to write is uninteresting or not in keeping with the theme of my blog. But now I’ve decided that just. doesn’t. matter. I love taking photos and I love writing about my experience of this world. If I’m the only one reading my posts, then they’re a record of me for me to cherish.

So here is me…

It dawned on me this weekend that we’re in the latter half of November already. The radio hosts are talking about Christmas and the cold dark days really have set in. We’re well on the way to the chilly months. Kiwi is growing a lovely fluffy warm coat. (Of course it’s completely thick with mud at the moment) and I’m feeling Christmas excitement creeping into my mind. 

Yesterday was a Sunday. I took Oscar for a walk through the woods on the way to feed Kiwi before it got dark. I greatly miss the daylight during the week. Being out in the chilly air with a wool scarf tied around my neck (it still is around my neck) reminded me of good things; bright crispy leaves carpeting the ground, rain water filling up the stream that runs between pools in the woods and the joy Oscar gets by simply running, as fast as he can. I’m back indoors, safely settled on the floor in front of my radiator. One of my favourite things about this time of year is doing the animals outside, and knowing that I can go inside and get cosy when I’m finished.  

Here are two of my favourite sunrise photographs from October. 
Both were taken at the yard when I fed Kiwi before work.  

03.10.19 6.52am
28.10.19 6.37am

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