Torremolinos, Costa del Sol, Spain


In May Half Term, my friend Helen and I went to the Costa del Sol with the sole purpose of relaxing, getting some sun and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE. It took me maybe two days to realise how wonderful it is to feel no pressure to do anything!

We stayed in a hotel one road away from the beach so travel time each day was limited to maybe 19 seconds. We spent all day on the beach, swimming, sunbathing and reading. It was a hectic few days…


I love organising and packing, provided I start early and make a list. I think it helps take my mind off being anxious about leaving my animals.


Goodbye England

We flew from Birmingham Airport to Malaga, which was amazing. It’s much smaller than Heathrow and Gatwick so all the queues are much smaller too. Although, taking the train from Oxford to Birmingham was…um … cosy… lets put it that way.


The hotel was such a long way from the coast


Thick, chunky reading for beach days. It’s like reading behind the scenes of a James Bond novel.




Torremolinos from the sea




I had the BEST PINEAPPLE I have ever tasted in Spain. I had it for breakfast once and then was hooked, and had it continually until we came home. I’m reluctant to have pineapple again because I don’t see how it can be as good. Pineapple is ruined for me because of Spain.


A giant orange, because well, why not?





I smartened up for an evening not on the beach


This is why I have a GoPro!






Goodbye Spain, It’s been fun


Things I most enjoyed in Spain?

  1. Swimming – the water was chilly but fine when you were in
  2. Pineapple
  3. mango daiquiris – anything with alcohol and mango please?
  4. photographing sunsets – dragging my DSLR around all day so I can take hundreds of photos and like five of them.
  5. not doing anything but the above…




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