New Jacobs Lambs in 2020

Everything feels very strange right now. The new isolation measures we’re living in to manage Covid 19 are unprecedented. I’m feeling extra grateful that I’m in the countryside and able to spend time with the animals outside. And the last two days have been filled with glorious sunshine. I find it easier to deal with anxiety when the day is so warm and bright. As of next week I’ll be working from home and I’ve never done that so here’s hoping I don’t get distracted (too much).

The first 2020 babies
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It’s November 2019

My favourite tree, a Japanese Maple, it looks fantastic at this time of year.

Hello. I’m that person with a blog who hasn’t written anything for almost a year. On the bright side, it’s still 2019 (just about). I’ve been thinking about writing, a lot, but then I try to organise myself and somehow loos the ability to make decisions. I’m going to try keeping my posts brief and casual, and hopefully fight perfectionist defeatism! 

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