It’s November 2019

My favourite tree, a Japanese Maple, it looks fantastic at this time of year.

Hello. I’m that person with a blog who hasn’t written anything for almost a year. On the bright side, it’s still 2019 (just about). I’ve been thinking about writing, a lot, but then I try to organise myself and somehow loos the ability to make decisions. I’m going to try keeping my posts brief and casual, and hopefully fight perfectionist defeatism! 

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My Life in Animals

I have always loved being around animals. I naturally feel relaxed when I’m with them. Whether I’m feeding my horse Kiwi in his field or taking Oscar for a walk around the village, I love being with animals. When I’m driving, my biggest distraction is most likely to be a field of horses or a dog being walked and I have to remind myself to focus on the road. 

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