My First Photos with Film

First Photo on my Pentax
Taken from the back seat of the car on the way to my Sister’s Birthday Party
I can’t remember what film this was shot on

My Father has lent me a Pentax Super Program that his father bought him when he was a teenager. It has lots of settings but can also be used on auto mode. I’ve been using P (playing it safe). Amazingly, I found the complete camera manual online.

I’ve taken 3 roles of film (35mm) and it’s been good fun. Having had a digital camera since 2008, I’d forgotten how much patience is needed when using film. At first I got bored of shooting and not being able to see the results until they’d returned from development. Now I’ve learnt to start a roll and finish it within a short time, otherwise I forget the ISO/ASA as well as what I’ve shot on the previous frames.

The strange thing I’ve also realised is that using an automatic film camera – where I have less expectation of exact focus, colour and exposure – I’m actually enjoying taking photos more, knowing that they’ll be what they are and that’s that. When I take my DSLR out on a walk I get impatient trying to tweak settings to capture the exact look I want. And I often feel unsuccessful.

These photos are my favourite from my first three roles of film. The first was way back in June 2018 and I can’t remember what it was. Second was Ektar 100 (which I shot at 200 and had pushed a stop) and the last role was on Kodak Gold Ultra 400.

Unknown Film 2018

I love this one. My Sister’s Birthday Party 2018 at The Prince near West Brompton Tube Station in London. A crazy busy, noisy bar but a cool place.
I love the warm light in this photo

Ektar 100 (Pushed one stop to 200)

If you’ve seen any of this blog you’ll know it’s mostly full of animals. And Oscar’s not very inclined to show his face so I have many shots of his butt! I like the texture of him against the grass and the barley beside him
My Father has really blue eyes.
This film has a warm red tone in all the colours

A weekend in Devon 2019 with one of the bestest girls Phily

Me in Devon 2019
Forgot to wind on the film so a double exposure – One from either side of him
Really like this one

I convinced both boys to look at the camera which isn’t the easiest thing
I call this one ‘Man with Dog’

Ben and in front of the National Gallery, London
Especially like his red jumper matching the banners behind

Kodak Gold Ultra 400

I shot this roll over two days at home, on walks with Oscar

No matter how big or small, Oscar will try to swim in all bodies of water
Oscar and stick
Taken on an old bridge
I like the reflection of the sky in the water below

Blossom the hen

I walked half way across this field, turned and found these three following me. By the time I’d focused the lens they’d almost walked into it!

One of my favourite spots at the yard – these cherry blossoms smell delicious

Oscar in a candid moment of relaxation

I’ve recently bought 5 rolls of Fuji colour C200 film to try, so that will be coming next.

I’m currently distracting myself from feeling isolated with photographs and scrapbooking. We’ll get through this. Happy Tuesday in social distancing everyone.

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