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This week I’ve been catching up on my favourite blogs. These are my three favourite writers. I like bloggers who write an uplifting diary about they’re daily lives. Inspiring photos of outdoor driven lifestyles like mine.

Jillian Lukiwski – The Noisy Plume

First on my list is The Noisy Plume written by Jillian Lukiwski. Jillian is a Canadian living in Idaho, USA. She’s a photographer, writer and metalsmith who writes about her life in the mid west. She tells her story through beautiful photography. Often depicting the rural openness of her home. I love her photography style because it’s bright and alive. As a result, you feel the temperature of her surroundings, the ruggedness of her outdoor lifestyle. This blog reminds me of The Little House on the Prairie books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. 

I once visited the Lake District in Cumbria with my family and that’s the closest I’ve been to natural openness and space. 

The Lake District
July 2008

As a result of reading Jillian’s writing I’m inspired to travel to the mid west. To experience being in a wild open land. Especially to experience a perfectly black night’s sky, the stars shining in total darkness, without any light pollution. I want to be somewhere you can’t hear the distant sound of cars. Somewhere, there’s no human noise, only sounds of wildlife. That’s the adventure for me. Days of hiking and writing and taking photos. Maybe a future holiday to plan!

These are interviews with Jillian about her lifestyle. I listened to the Mountain and Prairie podcast whilst poo picking Kiwi’s field in the dark one evening after work – it was a great distraction: 

Courtney Adamo – Somewhere Slower

The second blog I’m loving is Courtney Adamo at Somewhere Slower. I adore Courtney’s story telling blog. She and her husband took their four children on a family gap year travelling the world. Her blog tells the story of their travels, with beautiful photos of the adventure. They’ve now settled in Byron Bay, Australia. The aim of their trip was to slow down their family pace and spend more time together, hence Somewhere Slower.

Courtney is a founding member of the website Babyccino Kids –  ( Which is an online children’s clothing portal and parenting blog. It has amazing stories from a group of writing mums and promotes independent clothing companies and sustainable fashion.

Similarly to Jillian Lukiwski’s writing,  I love how Courtney writes about her  perspective on life. Because of the values she writes about, I emailed Courtney for advise about ethical clothing brands for women. She gave me some really great ideas. Here are a few interviews about her family and their thought provoking lifestyle.

Amanda Brooks – I Love Your Style

So my third favourite blog is also a lifestyle blog. Amanda is a writer and former fashion director from New York who moved with her family to her husband’s family farm in North Oxfordshire. I have Amanda’s book “I love your style” and I never thought I would be interested in a book about fashion. However, this book is a beautiful introduction to curating your own style. Her blog is also titled “I love your style” and as well as fashion, Amanda writes about life on her English Farm. 

I love her recipes with home grown fruit and her stories about all the animals on the farm. She photographs the landscape and the farm and the pictures really show how stunning Oxfordshire is. I love the interior design of her farm cottage. Amanda beautifully combines the juxtaposition of her two passions; fashion and glamour, and countryside style – mud and tweed.

To sum up, I like countryside lifestyle blogs. Give me the British countryside with all it’s green splendour, or the American mid west with all it’s rich, wild freedom. I’m a home body but I love the idea of travelling to far and remote places. I love having my animals around me but sometimes I’d love to drop everything and write my own adventure across the map!

This blog is my diary, a record of my days. In contrast to the blogs I’ve mentioned, it’s not a tale of continuous exploration and adventure. But I love where I am. This life, my story.

My home, in this corner of England is green and bright (and sometimes very grey!). I spend a lot of time standing in a field, in the pouring rain, looking for horse poo. However I’m proud to say, This is my adventure. I hope you’re enjoying your own.

Happy Monday

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