A bit About Me

Walking in the Lake District 2007

Everyone has a story, this is mine…

As I walked Oscar up to feed Kiwi this morning (Oscar is a black Labrador, Kiwi is my retired Irish sport horse) I thought of this phrase that’s now stuck in my mind. (It’s very possible I’ve got this from a movie and forgotten the reference so if anyone knows it please say). I find it’s often when I’m going about my daily routine, doing animals, tidying or folding laundry, that I start to think a lot about life. Sometimes I’m feeling worried because of news or general goings on around me and sometimes I start thinking quite profoundly about who I am and what I’m doing. Strange to think that hanging up clothes encourages me to think big, but hey ho, thats how it happens. 

I really enjoy watching youtube videos and reading blog posts about the individuals I follow. Bits of information about what they like and who they are. I’ve decided to write a bit more about myself and what I’m like as a person. I kind of like the fact that behind a blog post is a real person and you get to know them through they’re words without any idea where they’re from or who they are. A video is much more up front and I’m not sure I’m up to that. So for now, here is a bit more about me, in my words. 

Firstly, I’ll start with my hands…

I was just looking at my hands and I thought of this. I’m someone who rarely wears nail varnish and if I do it’s normally a bright colour and chipped around the edges because I’m not patient enough to put a second coat on. I have quite big hands and long fingers. This might be why my circulation is poor and it means that most gloves I look at don’t fit on my fingers. 

Moving on from my hands, I wear a blue fit bit on my left wrist along with a multi-coloured friendship bracelet I made on my holiday in Devon in 2017. It rained almost solidly for two weeks and I spent the time inside crafting and loved it. Alongside these two is my medical ID bracelet which is engraved with my name, date of birth, epilepsy and my medication. When I started having tonic clonic seizures (the big kind where you loos consciousness and muscle control) I came to afterwards not knowing anything, even my name! It sounds weird but it’s such an odd feeling that I don’t get anxious. But I still want to be able to look at my bracelet and see my name written down securely. Knowing it’s there, always on my wrist, is reassuring.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. I’M ALWAYS COLD…

Anyone who knows me knows that I am almost always cold. My go to clothing is a t shirt, a pair of comfy jodhpurs, with or without holes, and a cosy jumper (sometimes my own and sometimes my boyfriends). As I am writing this, I am sitting in a very stylish yellow blanket. One thing about being outside and doing animals is that I can dress up in layers and thermals and coats and gloves and heavy boots. It’s brilliant. Well, most of the time. Poo picking a field in the rain and snow is not exactly warm and cosy.

Sometimes the worst part about going to work in an office is having to sit still at my computer. I get sooo cold. I loos all my body heat by sitting still. My hot water bottle comes out, alongside a cosy jacket, scarf and rainbow leg warmers. When it gets too much, I make a cup of tea. And when all else fails, I go downstairs to the workshop, sit on a radiator and distract anyone trying to work by talking about life’s big questions and the meaning of human existence.

So that’s a start. A random collection of facts about my hands and my temperature! I’ll add more to these three when I think of facts that might be interesting and individual to me.

This is my younger sister Antonia and I
February 2018 when she came home from London for a weekend

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